10 June 2010

hexagons again

Started sewing my hexagons together finally! I have 93 of those flowers - so not enough for the size of quilt I want yet. But that's okay because I like making them.

Here is a tutorial which is pretty close to the way I do it. But I may do my own tutorial - what do you think?

I used paper pieces from here.

These ones are 3/4 inch (measuring 3/4 inch on one straight side).

There is also a good post about hexagons on The Sometimes Crafter with lots of other good info.


Jan said...

You really have to leave paper in there...? How do you ever wash the quilt...?

leigh said...

No - you take the paper out after they're sewn together, starched, and pressed. They're just to hold the shape until sewn.

emily and logan said...

wow. how do you even sew those things together?!?

Karen said...

You are amazing. I can't wait to see when it's totally complete. Can't wait to hear what you are having!!!! Miss ya!

tasha said...

totally amazing! i've only made a little stack of hexies! who knows if they will ever actually turn into something.