25 August 2010

quick catch up

So my craft show didn't go so well. I don't think it was actually a craft show, but more of a flea market. So the people who did come (and there weren't very many of them) didn't want to spend more than a few bucks on some junk. It was also really windy and everything kept blowing away. It was a mess by the end. Oh well. I sold skirts (size 12 mos to 5 years), button earrings, zippered wallets, and my regular jewelry. I'm going to try and list everything in the next few weeks in my shop.

Better news. We have a family of quail living in our yard. Usually we see them in the back yard in our garden. Are they eating our tomatoes? Maybe. I'd be happy to share with them. They are so cute. There are a few more little chicks and always a mom and a dad with them. The dad always keeps lookout and squacks to tell them to keep away from us.

And I picked this lovely from our garden a few days ago. I was all excited because I've never grown a watermelon before. Apparently I picked it too early because most of the inside was yellow with only a few pink spots. But the pink spots were really sweet. We've got another one on the vine and I think we'll leave it there for a while this time before picking. Anyone know how long you're supposed to wait before picking?

And the best news of all! The kids started school today. I know it sounds horrible that I'm happy about it, but I am not feeling so well with this baby (can you believe I'm 28 weeks?) and I was getting so grumpy with everyone here. It's nice to have a few less kids around. I was much more pleasant today when they came home from school.


sara said...

Great update. Sorry about the craft show but at least you sold a few things. When shopping for watermelons I always look for a big yellow spot which means it sat on the ground longer to ripen. That's all I know about that. And yeah, that last week or two before the kids started school, I was definitely ready! Now I sometimes miss them; but my main problem is that I'm not productive enough when they're not here... working on that...

I hope you're feeling well and getting some good "down-time" with fewer kids around the house :)

sewkatiedid said...

we just had some squash from ours with our dinner.