01 September 2010

Hiking to a waterfall

Katie (my little sister) and her new husband Dan came to town for a wedding. While they were here they asked if we wanted to hike to a local waterfall. Of course we did! This photo was taken after the hike. (Missing from the photo are my sister Jamie, Luke, and me. Four of the other kids are Jamie's and 2 are her other neices. )

Luckily Dan carried Luke on his shoulders the whole way down. Luke whined about it pretty much the entire way.

Samo playing in the waterfall.

Charlie about to go under the waterfall.

Luke played in the water. It was a really hot day and it was SO nice to stick your feet in that cool water.

Jack is coming out from running under the waterfall. His favorite cousin Jordan waits for him. They thought this was the coolest thing ever.
It was a fun hike. I'd do it again, but not pregnant, and not without other adults.


Katie said...

Hey those pictures turned out well. I like them.

Tabitha said...

Where is that?? We want to do something fun this weekend! it is going to be 98