28 September 2010

In an effort to be more fair

I just realized that I never blogged about Jack's birthday.

Then I felt like a horrible mother.

But I do have a few excuses.

1. Jack didn't have an exciting cake.
2. I don't like to advertise my children's birthdays (as far as the date goes) out here on the internet.

So I think that's why I skipped it.

But I am going to blog about it now, because I looked over on the sidebar under the JACK category and he has the least posts of all my children. The poor, forgotten, oldest child.

Again - it was a low key birthday, just hanging out with the fam.

Jack's picks:

Breakfast: German Pancakes
Lunch: Fajitas
Dinner: Pizza from our favorite pizza place
Cake: Chocolate with Chocolate frosting (a first for Jack, who used to hate chocolate cakes).
Present from Mom an Dad: Legos

1 comment:

Jandi said...

I like his picks! I think I will ask for fajitas and chocolate cake for my birthday next year.