22 October 2010

Wonky Star Info and Ideas

Here is my version of the wonky star quilt. I have posted this before on my blog, but I am reposting it, with a few extra ideas, for my modern quilt guild. So click on the links below if you want to see some different ideas of what you can do with the wonky star.
I used this excellent tutorial by the silly boodilly. I find it's easier to use triangles (which is what she suggests) than other shapes for the star points.

I was originally inspired by Kerri's wonky star quilt.
Here is a nice one with some serious points by crazy house quilts.

I also love this one by make it modern using grey sashing.

Ashley's version of the wonky star with some flea market fancy.

A few wonky star quilts by Crazy Mom Quilts. These were charity quilts, with the blocks from all different people.

And last - Cara's take on a wonky star toddler quilt - which I really love.


Marianne & Clayton said...

Yours is just beautiful! In fact I think it's better than all the inspirations. I love to see your work!

Groshon said...

I love your baby boy quilt below!! I have been looking at the japanese elephant fabric on etsy and I love it so much, I am just not crafty enough to do anything with it... your quilt is just perfect though and I love the ladybug binding!
Good luck with everything in the next few weeks!

emily said...

I like Ashley's wonky stars. Will you make one for me?