16 December 2010


Just wanted you to know that we're here, doing okay.

Baby Henry is doing great. He's small, and not gaining tons of weight, but he's doing well. He's even sleeping 6 hours some nights and only waking up once. He smiled at my aunt the other day, then smiled at Jack the next day, but we haven't seen his smile since then. Soon, I think.

I am not having any more pain from my c-section, which is wonderful. I am having nursing issues, which I will not describe here. But I am considering quitting already (it's only been 6 weeks). Before quitting I am planning to check out renting a pump today. Why does nursing have to be so hard? I've had worse and worse experiences with each baby. Actually, Luke was the worst - 3 months of pain, but I will not last that long this time.

I did hardly any decorating this year. We put up a tree and stockings and left pretty much everything else in the boxes. We just don't have the energy. I kept thinking I'd have time to sew some gifts, but I haven't touched the sewing machine in months.

I did get 3 of the kids' pictures taken for Halloween! I took Luke's the other day. I just have to find Jack's costume and take his. Maybe today, since he's home "sick".

We don't have many plans for Christmas this year - the only thing we're for sure doing is having cheese and chocolate fondu for Christmas Eve. We have talked about Christmas card ideas, so we'll see if we can get one out.


Kristine Hanson said...

I had nursing issues with Emily, I did rent a nice pump but in the end after a few months of that I could not do it anymore, it was not worth my SANITY!!! Good Luck, don't feel guilty whatever choice you make, Momma needs to be happy!

Kate said...

Oh, that picture is so precious. What a tiny little bundle. I love him!
I hate nursing issues! I've had some too. But now I'm hanging onto the last little while of nursing Allie. She still will nurse 3 times a day at 10 months.... and I'm going to let her keep going as long as she wants since I'll never nurse again.

KA said...

Sometimes it seems like nursing is easy for every other woman in the world, doesn't it? It's tricky for me too, so we'll see how long I last. I comfort myself by thinking that some of the best and smartest people I know were bottle fed babies :)

carrie said...

can't wait to hold that little guy.

Anonymous said...

Baby Henry is SO cute! Enjoy your holidays :)