31 December 2010

to do list for 2011

This is one reason I love having the blog. It's a place where I can make this yearly list, check it through the year, and check things off of it. I used to make my resolutions at the first of the year, do them for a few weeks (they were usually resolutions to correct bad habits), then give up because I wasn't perfect at them. Now I look at the resolutions as things to work on all year. I do check this list at least once a month through the year, but usually more, to help me remember what it was I wanted to accomplish.

All year I've been trying to complete things on my 2010 list. I got about half of them done. Which was great. There were also several things we did that weren't on the list. I was thinking of listing them, but I don't need to do that. I already feel better just reviewing the last year of blog posts.

Here is the new list:

house stuff

1. ORGANIZE BASEMENT! (this has been on my list for the past 3 years)
2. paint stairs
3. paint stairwell walls
4. paint hall floor
5. finish up hall (paint rest of closet, hang closet doors, fix floor molding, hang ironing board)
6. paint basement walls
7. paint basement floor didn't need to do it, since we got concrete instead
8. install stairwell light fixture
9. curtains (my room, living room, dining room, downstairs room, back door)
10. kitchen threshold
11. finish painting the fence hired someone to do it.
12. repaint the living room (walls, ceiling)
13. quarter round
14. bathroom sink
15. black out windows

quilts I've already started

1. Jack's stripe quilt (top, quilt, bind)
2. my bed quilt (quilt, bind)
3. wildwood coin quilt (top, quilt, bind)
4. KJR 9 patch quilt (sash, quilt, bind)
5. Hello Betty (top, quilt, bind)
6. purple/yellow (border, quilt, bind)
7. quilt for Charlie's teacher

other stuff

1. update photos in dining room
2. church bag
3. music bag
4. get down to my wedding weight - I've lost 6 pounds so far!
5. FHE once a week - uh - this hasn't happened - but I'm trying
6. scriptures with family every night - this hasn't happened either - but I'm still trying
7. learn to play the drums (did I tell you Dan got me a drum kit for Christmas?) this isn't really happening - I have 5 kids!
8. finish 3 songs on the piano -Maybe I should have been more realistic and said 1 song
9. start running - I have started this!
10. go to cash spending (no more on the credit or debit cards) - we aren't spending on the credit card! yay!
11. plant a garden planted a bunch of stuff. Haven't picked it all.
12. plant more plants in the bare spots (park strips, chimney side, front)
13. write in the kids' journals at least once a month
14. write in my grateful journal at least once a month

thanks for reading! what are you going to do?


Kati said...

Wow! You have a lot to do. I really should put together a list like this. I have tons of things around here that need done. Good luck!

Laurie said...

Good luck on your list! I should start one of those.

P.S., Just read about your nursing issues. If you are still having a lot of pain, you could have thrush (they probably pumped you full of antibiotics with your C-section). I had it with Pete and it was incredibly painful. Sometimes the only symptom is pain. Good luck with that too!

Stuart and Kimber said...

I'm going to let you finish your list and then move to your house!

Ha! Though I do feel like a loser because I only wanted to do one thing (and then pray it worked out!)

Happy New Year!

Tiffany said...

I have 22 quilty projects to finish ... yup, been a bit neglectful of those WIP's :)

Tabitha said...

WOW! THat is a SERIOUS LIST!! I would not be able to keep up!

ang said...

go get 'em! my goals include showering daily and getting more than 6 hours of sleep at night.