23 March 2011

hey hey we're the monkees

For Christmas I made Jack a hat. Jack has been wearing that hat since Christmas. I am not joking. He even sleeps in it.

This reminded us of the Monkees. Because there was that one guy who always wore a green hat with a pompom. Dan knew his name was Mike. But I only remembered Davy. Did you used to watch the Monkees?

We've been watching the episodes - and they're pretty great. I would recommend them. We've also been listening to the music.

Here's my favorite song (which I'm pretty sure I'd never heard before our little Monkees revival period.)

p.s. Jack was being supervised while grilling steaks - that will be a later post.


carrie said...

Mike Nesmith.

Trista Groshon said...

I am not sure I should admit this, but I have every episode recorded (unfortunately on VHS) and I have all their albums, lol! Haven't watched or listened to them in forever but I am feeling a monkees marathon coming on!! ;)

emily said...

SO, um . . . you like the song or you like the video?

katie said...

That's so cute Jack wears his hat all the time. It looks like the lumberjack hat.

Casey said...

For real, Dan used to sleep in a similar hat in high school just to get his desired coif, so you may have to get used to it