29 April 2011

I tried

It's been a few years since the boys have had matching Easter clothes. So we got some new shirts this year. While getting ready for these photos - we found that every single pair of khakis we already had were stained or had holes. We considered buying new ones just for photos - but why? They will just get ruined. And it doesn't really matter anyway - because you don't see the pants too much.

I think this one (below) is the best one - even though Sam's pants are pulled up to the knee (?)

Jack is much too dignified to take part in silly faces.


Much better.

p.s. All these photos were taken in my neighbor's back yard. There are no really great places around here. And I think I need to take a photography class again - for children. And maybe get a new lens. And does anyone know if you can post better resolution photos here on blogger? They always lower the resolution SO much.


emily said...

Charlie and another sweater vest. I love it when he wears those.

katie said...

How did you get Henry to make that face? That is great! Very cute pictures and boys.

Ashley said...

Those are some handsome boys you have there! It's scary to see how much they have grown!