26 April 2011

Moab 2011: part 1

Last week was our Spring Break and we decided to take another trip to Moab. The boys love going there to climb the rocks and swim in the hotel pool.

This time we started off by going to Canyonlands National Park. We'd never been there and it was pretty cool. A lot different than Arches. The boys earned Junior Ranger Badges in each park - so they learned a lot and had a fun time doing it.

First stop: Gemini Bridges (on the way to Canyonlands).

We took a short hike to a big hole in the ground. This bridge was on the other side of the hole. You can't see it from here, but there's another bridge directly behind this one.

Here are Dan, Sam, and Charlie standing on this same bridge. Kind of scary.

Even scarier - when we got over on that bridge to look back at where we were just standing - we kind of freaked out. It looked like the ground below was going to fall right out from under us.

Trying to keep Luke entertained so he wouldn't fall off a cliff.

Next stop: Mesa Arch (inside Canyonlands)

It was a short hike to this arch, but you could go right up to it and there was a huge drop off. The kids were running around and didn't really get how dangerous it was, so Dan and I were kind of totally freaking out. I got a few photos and we left right away.

At least there were some good rocks to climb on and this one where Charlie was sitting is the perfect little seat.

Next stop: Whale Rock (inside Canyonlands)

This is what Whale Rock looks like from the parking lot. Too bad there's not a person in front for scale. It's pretty big. We climbed up on top of it. The boys LOVED it.

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Here are Sam, Charlie, and Jack on top.

Here are some more of us on top.

Some great signs on the way to Moab.

This sign was for a Chinese Restaurant right by our hotel in Moab. A scoop of what? We never found out.

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haha! a scoop of food. Funny!