07 April 2011

We went to St. George to get away from the cold and it snowed

But we had fun anyway.

This was in the car on the way down. Charlie is intensely reading "Matthew's Cutlery" - a knife catalog. That is Sam taking a break under his blanket.

First Adventure: Snow Canyon part 1 (before lunch). Sand dunes. Cold and windy, but not wet yet, super fun!

Second Adventure: Snow Canyon Part 2 (after lunch). A short hike. Cold, windy, and rainy. The boys got to climb rocks - their goal for the trip.

Third Adventure: Zion National Park (the next day). Hike to a waterfall and then up above the waterfall. Cold, muddy, rainy, then snowy. I loved it. I think the boys loved it. I'm not sure Dan loved it, but he didn't complain.

The Aftermath: Everyone was muddy and soaked through. The boys stripped so they could get warm in the car. Henry stayed nice and toasty in Dan's jacket.

A few extra shots:

The conclusion: This trip was definitely fun. The colors are so much more saturated when it's wet and everything was beautiful. But we're all excited to go again when it's warm (but not hot!) Thanks to Emily and Logan for housing us.


katie said...

Your boys look so grown up. I'm glad you had fun even though it was cold. Sounds like a fun trip.

Casey said...

Thank heavens for all-leather interiors!

Peggy and Jeff said...

Looks sooooo fun I want to go!