17 May 2011

what have I been doing, you ask?

You know when I'm absent from the blog for 2 weeks that I've either been very busy or very lazy. The last few weeks were busy! (But I'm sure there were a few lazy days in there too.)

Here's what I've been up to:

I got to go to the International Quilt Market that is held twice a year. This spring it was here in Salt Lake. I posted about it here.

I also went on another girls' trip with my mom and sisters. I'll be blogging about it soon.

We have been ripping out half of our basement floor. I'll be blogging about that soon too.

I've been getting ready for a jewelry show this weekend and am still making Mother's Day presents and late birthday presents for sisters. I will try to blog about that.

I've also been cleaning up pee like nobody's business. Well - that's not actually true. I've been complaining that the bathroom smells like an outhouse and I cleaned it today, only to find that it got peed on right after I cleaned it! Luke's new job is to clean up all the pee that missed the toilet every time he goes. Maybe I should try that aiming cheerio trick - but that's a lot of work.

This guy is not much work at all - and usually happy (especially when getting kissed on the neck.)

1 comment:

Benny said...

His smile is oh so sweet!
I love how babys are so joyful and innocent.