17 June 2011


I did find my camera. Yippee! But then I decided that I should just do separate posts for most stuff. It will be better that way.

These are one of my favorite flowers of all time. Favorite color for sure. Forget-me-nots.

I planted a packet of these seeds a few years ago and they kind of move around from year to year. So cute. Johnny jump ups.

Sam and I went plant shopping and he begged me for this orange calla. He wanted all the colors they had (yellow, white, dark red) but since orange is my fave, we got orange. I love how it looks with this blue.

And finally - the only photo I have from the girls trip this year to Park City, Utah. First thing we did - pedicures. Next thing - eat. It was a great trip! (Ashley, my sister-in-law was taking the photo).

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tasha said...

hi leigh! the pedicure looks fabulous!!

i wanted to see if you knew about the farmer's wife quilt-a-long on flickr?

i've done a couple posts if you are wondering about it.

i thought of you so wanted to see if you knew. :)