06 December 2011

turkey games

A few years ago our family got together the morning of Thanksgiving and played some games. They were relay race games and everyone played. We divided into teams - the Pilgrims vs. the Indians (I know - not PC). It was a lot of fun - so we did it again this year. It was the day after Thanksgiving, but that's okay.

Here is everyone at the beginning. Already some tears - but they soon stopped.

One of the games we played was that one where you put your forehead on a bat and spin around, then walk somewhere so that we can all see how dizzy you are and then laugh at you.

Luke didn't quite get it and put the bat in his mouth and then spun around. We laughed at him the most.

It was VERY cold. So we bundled Henry up like a baby so he could stay warm. I mean, he is a baby, but you know - not a little baby who gets bundled up.

Sam won Chubby Turkey - the game where you have to stuff as many marshmallows in your mouth and still be able to speak. Sam definitely stuffed the most in his mouth. I think Charlie got one in his mouth.

This was the game where, as a team, each person makes a certain part of the turkey out of pipe cleaners. The kids actually liked this one and it was inside, so they warmed up a bit.

There were tears and crying, and some people quit early, but it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without that - would it?

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Ashley said...

How fun! Callie's going to LOVE having Henry here for Christmas! She LOVES babies!! :) Can't wait to see you guys in 2 weeks!