21 January 2008

bowling with the fam

Sounds like fun, right? If you thought that, you were wrong.

We had reminded everyone in the car, in the restaurant, and on the way to the lane, that if they could behave, they could stay. If they fought, or whined, or didn't obey, we would have to go home.

The bumper lanes were broken on our lane, so Jack was really upset every time his ball went into the gutter. And by upset, I mean crying and vowing to never bowl again (until his turn came up again, and then it started all over.) Sam accidentally got hit with the ball (when he didn't listen to us to STAND BACK when other people are bowling) and consequently kept bawling if any little thing didn't go his way. Charlie just really wanted to stick his head in that hole and was having trouble staying in the general area. So finally (with 2 rounds left) I told everyone we were leaving. Just in case you think I'm a really mean mom (as opposed to just a plain old mean mom) I only decided to leave after repeated offences by each child. Luckily More Than a Feeling by Boston was blaring and no one could hear 3 kids screaming at the top of their lungs. (Luke was quietly sleeping.)

I did remember to bring my camera, but I forgot the memory card, so unfortunately, you don't get to see the meltdown.

They continued to scream/fake cry almost all the way home. I think next time we have a day off, we'll get a babysitter and Dan and I will go do something by ourselves!


Kate said...

You're brave for even attempting it. I can completely imagine the whole scene with my boys. Oh, and by the way, I'm the "meanest mom in the whole world," so you can't be that mean. :)
We used our day off to shop for tile for our bathrooms and go to home depot. Totally not fun for the kids. Oh well!

Melanie Whiting said...

Wow I feel like that could have been an exact situation we would have been in. That is so funny. I get so tired of Chance after Chance. I haven't even attempted to take my kids bowling yet. I think I will wait till the youngest is 7.

emily and logan said...

i think i could have predicted that whole thing before it happened. you should have just asked me first...