23 January 2008

unauthorized haircut

I'm a little slow with this one because it happened over a week ago. But oh well. Sam woke up one morning with his hair looking like this.

I asked him why he cut his hair and he said he didn't do it, Jack did. So I start getting all mad at Jack - asking why didn't he cut his own hair and other wonderful questions like that (the kind you ask when you're really not thinking.) Jack says Sam asked him to do it! (Other info from the confession: two of Sam's monkeys also got haircuts.)

The punishment: to wear it like that. This really bothered me more than Sam so after 2 weeks, I cut it. Here's the new do.

ps - why are all the posts of my kids about hair?

1 comment:

sara said...

Molly and Noah did that a couple years ago; it was a conspiracy. My first clue was not seeing their heads but finding large clumps of hair on the family room floor. Nice. It's much easier to recover for boys!!