25 January 2008

church bag

So I thought that Dan lost the church bag when he cleaned out my car (thanks for doing that, by the way). But this week I think what really happened is that it was stolen! Who would steal a church bag, you're probably wondering. About a month ago my car window, and Dan's were broken. They were after the TV in mine and they got Dan's stereo. They also ripped everything out of the consoles and glove boxes (in search of electronic goodies, I'm assuming). I think they took the backpack (church bag) hoping it had some phones, cameras, ipods, etc. I wish I could have seen those thieves' faces when they opened it up to find pictures of Jesus, diapers, wipes, lace-up cards, books about tithing, prayer, David and Goliath, and animals, several old coloring books, and some new twistable colored pencils! I'm most upset about the books and lace-up cards, and the new colored pencils. Luckily there were no scriptures in there.

So the point is - I need to put together a new church bag. What are the favorite things in yours? (Aunts and grandmas are encouraged to comment too - since you may have your own great church bag.)


carrie said...

lots of different kinds of snacks and I'm a big fan of color wonder markers.

sara said...

We just barely stopped bring our church bag -- so far so good -- the kids keep entertained (mostly) by "reading" the hymnbooks and coloring with the exactly four sheets of paper and four pencils I stash in my purse each week.

But way back in the day... my kids always kept busy with coloring or else with dumb happy-meal type toys; stuff that stayed in the church bag so it was like a brand new exciting thing just for Sundays.

Anonymous said...