25 January 2008


It's been a not so great day today. At one point Charlie and Luke were both in bed screaming. I needed a little break so I tried to block them both out (impossible) and sat down to watch a little Martha. What really made it great was this icecream (which I got for my birthday last week from my lovely RS pres. Holly.) YUM.

And for the other slump towards the end of the day this was just what I needed. It's really bad, and you probably won't be able to watch the whole thing. Dan sent it just at the right time.

My fave: the lead singer's awesome dance moves.


sara said...

Oh that's the best. I saw that a few months ago when Josh Romney posted it on the "five brothers blog" on Romney's website; each of the 5 brothers posted their "favorite youtube video of the week." I think this was by far the most entertaining!!

Jan said...

Leigh, no offense to your awesome music video but I do believe that I have the most awesome music video ever made.




Pablo said...

Dude... how can you not love that laugh.. apache boy? The drummer kicks butt! The laugh is going to haunt me tonight.

jlj said...

i think the lead singer looks like rick bayless....i can see the cooking and dancing and fondling all happening at the same time...