25 January 2008


I'm sure that you all know that I love Ikea. Yesterday I got to go with Jamie (we only took 5 kids this time, instead of 8). The plan was to put Sam and Alex in Smaland so we only had to take 3 with us, but they only let you stay in Smaland for 1 hour. That only got us a quarter of the way through the downstairs.

Even with all the kids, I came away with lots of good junk. Of course I can't find pictures of everything on the website. So here's a partial list.

Several rolls of wrapping paper for 50c each! (including black and white stripes, BW polka dots, silver, and some other great ones.)

Several rolls of string for 50c each!

A few cd cases for 50c each!

Some nice pillar candles for 99c each! (for all those power outages we've had lately, and since I can never find the flashlights).

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