03 March 2008


Sam and Charlie have been singing this little tune all day, "Mary had a little lamb, lost her sheep at home."

Charlie loves to ask us all this: 'member on Elf? sumanutcracker? (son-of-an-nutcracker). After which he laughs and laughs. (They all love Elf)

Charlie calls it a "louder" rather than a "ladder". He also calls his cousin Alex "Owlex".

A few months ago Jack asked me: who are those guys called who say ottergyle?
me: I'm not sure who you mean.
Jack: You know, the ones who play the pipe cleaner?
me: oh - Scottish people, who play the bagpipes and wear argyle?

Sam: Today can we go to Little Tweezers for some pizza?

Sam's eating an apple slice, except for the skin.
Me: you know that skin's good for you, right?
Sam: yeah, it helps you grow skin.


Amanda said...

Eating apple skin makes you grow skin...makes sence to me!

sara said...

Those are some good ones! It's great that you're writing them down. I always forget the cute things they say unless I write it down right away.

Karen said...

Out of the mouth of babes!!! The boys are sooo cute. You are so talented. The quilt is so awesome. I lvoe it!!!

polka dots said...

Little Tweezers is a staple at my house. Cute kiddos!

KA said...

I'm ashamed to say I've never watched Elf. But I enjoyed "son-of-a-nutcracker" so much, that perhaps I will go check it out.

Casey said...

Porter and Maya both think Elf is hilarious, however, when Porter was little, maybe 2 or 3, we had this movie that had a preview for Elf and everytime it came to the part where Buddy calls the 'Little Person' an "Angry Elf" and the midget jumps on the table and starts running at Buddy, Porter starts screaming and crying. I guess he just doesn't like angry "Little People"

Kate said...

So funny. I love reading posts like this.