09 March 2008

general update

Wow. It's been 6 days since I posted. A long time! Here's a little update about what I've been doing. If I were a good blogger I'd have pictures to go along with this update, but I was just way too busy to remember!

Tuesday: Went to a photography class at Nicole Hill's house. It was in Provo at 8 pm, so I didn't get home until about 11 pm. Late for me these days.

Wednesday: Spent pretty much all day figuring out which cabinets we need to redo the kitchen. Yes, it's exciting if I think about the end result, but it's pretty stressful if I think about any other part of it. (I'll keep you updated if we ever get started on this.)

Thursday: Who knows? I can't remember this day at all.

Friday: Tried to make cupcakes all morning but got about 20 billion phone calls. Finally got the cupcakes ready for group lessons. (Jamie and I trade piano lessons with each others' kids.) So after that I went to Jamie's for piano group lessons with all the kids (8 of them). After group lesson rush home to get ready to go to Annie Elmer's flute concert. Got to Provo just in time for the recital to start. Pretty great. If you've never been to one of Annie's flute concerts, you should go.

Saturday: Get ready to go to Rexburg. (Yeah, I know, you're all jealous.) Get to Rexburg (after 4 hour drive). Go swimming in the pool at the hotel. (The kids were SOOOOOO excited about this and I think it went just like they wanted it to.) Hang out with all Elmers in the Rexburg area. (And played a little Ticket to Ride Europe-style.)

Sunday: Went to church on BYUI campus because Will blessed his new babe. Hung out for a little while in Rexburg and drove around to see all of Dan's old apartments. Finally got back to good old Salt Lake (I'm so glad I don't live in Rexburg.)

Wow - quite a week. I usually like to play it a little more low-key, but it was a pretty good week anyway.


sara said...

Great update; busy week! I bet it's fun having Jamie around these days. How far from you is she?

carrie said...

Does the Teton Chalet actually still exist?

Ashley said...

brad pointed out to me all the old places he used to live! (plus all the old places his girlfriend used to live... i didn't like that as much.) Good ol Rexburg! Fun to see you guys and the cute kids... when we going to chadders?!?!

polka dots said...

I love the part where you couldn't remember Thursday at all! I have weeks like that.

Casey said...

Believe it or not, us working dads have days just like thursday. The other day I was filling in the hours for what projects I worked on during the week and there were at least two whole days where I had to make up some project number because I couldn't remember what I did those days. Yeah, really responsible.