14 February 2008

I'm the Luckiest (or Ode to Dan)

In case you didn't know how great Dan is, here are some of my favorite things about him:

He cleans the bathroom AND the kitchen (my most hated jobs).
He wrestles with the boys.
He calls to see how I'm doing. If I'm going crazy, he talks to me until I'm calmed down. Then he checks up on me for the rest of the day just to make sure I'm staying sane. (has already happened twice today.)
He misses me when he's out of town.
He works hard to be a good provider and I never have to worry about any of the providing.
He tells the boys great stories at night (or reads to them.)
He is laid back. (Sometimes this drives me crazy, but really it's the best thing for me.)
He knows when to quit working and take a break (this can drive me crazy too, but it keeps Dan from getting crazy. We don't need more than one crazy person here.)
He's forgives easily and quickly.
He's always learning something new.
He's the only person who understands me (there are many who come close, but he's the best at it.)
He is very intelligent.
He loves to work out and always makes time for it. (I don't understand it myself, but I do admire this strange quality.)
He is a hard worker and is always getting things done.
He almost never complains.
He never yells.
He grills the best chicken and zucchini around.
He loves me and makes me happy.
He's a handsome devil (maybe not a devil so much, just the handsome part).
He plays the guitar and is musically inclined in general. (Also appreciates many music styles.)
He is loyal (which gives me great comfort as his wife.)
And of course, his sense of humor. I think I enjoy reading the Christmas letters as much (or more) as the rest of you.


carrie said...

cute picture.

polka dots said...

You guys are cute.
(check Brad and Ashley's blog. He did something with this song too.)

Nancy said...

My heart ached after pinback, but my heart swells now, knowing that you are so happy and lucky and loved....I bet he even wears his undies the right way!

Will we ever cross paths again so that I can meet your handsome devil(s)?????

I sure do miss you Leigh! :-(

Willie said...

Hey Leigh, so Kristen has this all exclusive site that apparently you have to have a VIP to see, I don't know how to get ahold of her, so you need to tell her that Nicole and I want in, and if she doesn't well we just might have to privatize our blog. Just kidding, but if you do know how to get ahold of her we would appreciate it. Thanks, oh and also we are way excited to see you guys.

Casey said...

just thougth you should know that dan would look devlish in just a Moustache.
Also along with will's request, we want in on any Elmer blogs you may have heard of.

sara said...

Great list! You guys are a cute couple. It's so good to have a good man, isn't it? Love it.

Pablo said...

And he has a nice a#$ ha! Giddy up!

Kate said...

A lovely ode to Dan. And a lovely picture.

Peggy and Jeff said...

I love the ode to Dan and the picture...I just can't believe you have the time to do such lovely things in your life...I remember 4 little boys and 1 big boy and it was the greatest time in my life..enjoy it!

Amanda said...

I LOVE your picture. We never have pictures of us together but you've inspired me. I'm going to start making good use of all the strangers floating around here to snap shots of us.

Molly said...

sweet sweet! cute picture of you two!

Jamie said...

I really like the picture too. I think its the best one of you two.

Melanie Whiting said...

Nice tribute to Dan!! He is such a great guy. He makes all of us laugh! Way cute picture!!

Ashley said...

Loved it Leigh! What a great couple.

Anonymous said...

I love Dan because he enjoys the Olympic Rings.

Heidi Atkin said...

Your list is so cute. Thank you for sharing. It's fun to hear why other people are in love and gives me good ideas to remind me of all of Joe's wonderful qualities as well!

Anonymous said...

hey, this is the best valentiny thing i've seen this year!! I'm so glad you married Dan, even if he doesn't play cards :)