18 February 2008

update on the poll, new game, and a giveaway.

So the poll I posted a few days ago only has 2 days left. If you haven't voted on whether or not you like music on my blog, please do so before time runs out. (I was just thinking of you - my faithful readers, as I want your experiences at my blog to be good ones.) I'm going to leave up the current music until the poll is over, just so you know.

The boys invented a new game today, which they are playing right now. It's called "bowling". It takes place in the bathtub, where all the Book of Mormon character figurines (because they have good sturdy platforms) are set up near the drain. At the other end of the tub, someone lets loose a car, which slides from the top edge, down the curve, and into the figurines at the drain. They have just decided an apple will work better as a bowling ball. Brilliant.

I've been thinking of doing a giveaway lately. It would be something handmade, but I'm not sure of the rest of the details, as they involve another person's things.

ps - thanks for all the comments on my last post. I think it's a record. I don't think I knew that there were over ten people reading my blog.


Amanda said...

Ooh Ooh I'm so excited to find out more about the giveaway. A girl from my ward here just did one for people from Pa (meaning ward members) and gave away a batch of homemade sugar cookies and hand delivered them for valentines day. I thought it was super cute of her. (She said it had to be only for Pa bacause she cant drive and has to go by "mommys rules") Anyway I'm babbling but I thought it was cute.

Anonymous said...

nice Ode...eriferous to Dan by the way. Have you heard the song Dream on.. by Kelly Sweet? anonymous Dave

sara said...

You should give away something you have handmade. You make some dang cute stuff, Leighlou.

And, that bowling game sounds awesome! Cute boys.

Jamie said...

Fun bowling game. Its a great way to use those action figures. Leigh, what are you thinking giving away something handmade. That just means one more thing on your endless list of things to do. I say give away one of your projects or maybe a great piece of junk. Ha Ha