20 February 2008

music poll

I'm confused. Many of you must have changed your votes, because last night there were 22 votes, with a steady 2:1 (yes:no) the whole time. But tonight it's 1:1 with 24 votes. Oh well. The reason I put up this poll was because I was getting sick of hearing the music every time I opened the blog. I think what I'll do (to appease everyone) is take off the mix that's playing now, work on a new one, and when I post it - only keep it up for a few days. I'm also not in love with the player I'm using, so I'm going to look around for something else too. Thanks for all the input.


Ashley said...

leigh i'm okay with any music cuz i usually have my speakers off at work! So it doesn't matter to me! =)

Heidi Atkin said...

I also have my speakers off because I usually use the computer when Henry's asleep and I don't want anything to wake him early becuase I love it when I have down time. Anyway, I didn't even vote because it didn't really apply. Whatever you end up doing if someone doesn't like the music they can always turn it off, right?

leigh said...

yep, you can pause it if you don't want to listen. Really I'd like to have a better player (and it can be a lot of work) so I'm going to take a break and search for something I like better. It was really an experiment.