20 February 2008

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Last night I went in front of the City Council in protest of a power line issue. That's right - I am now a community activist.

There are these already large power lines that run along one side of our house. The power company wants to make them even larger and taller and also wants them to hang over our yard by about 12 feet. They offered to pay us a measely $2000 for the easement where the power lines would hang over (where we couldn't plant any trees, add on to our house, etc. etc.) We, along with other neighbors, would like them to bury the power lines. (For lots of reasons - one of the lesser ones being that we could have normal looking trees instead of the ones trimmed to allow the power lines to go through the middle of them.) The City Council seems to be looking into alternatives, but they'd have to pay $22 million (according to the power company) to bury the lines. There are other important reasons why I oppose this upgrade, but I feel like I've already talked your ear off. If you want to read the Deseret Morning News story about it, go here.

ps - luckily we have this guy on our side. (I tried to look for another picture because, since winning the election, he has stopped shaving, and sports a full-on beard.)

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