22 February 2008


I bought Karate Kid the other day at Walmart for $5. I'm pretty sure it's been at least 10 years since I've seen it. But I can still quote several lines. Do any of these sound familiar?

Daniel Laruso's gonna fight? DANIEL LARUSO'S GONNA FIGHT!

Get him a body bag, yeah! heh heh heh.

Lucille let's go, here they come!

I hate this bike, I hate it!

Daniel: when are you going to fix the faucet?
Mr. Miagi: afta . . .
Daniel: after what?
Mr. Miagi: afta, afta!

please add your own personal faves.

ps - I keep waiting for the kids to start rubbing their hands together like Mr. Miagi when he fixed Daniel's shoulder and knee, but they haven't done it yet. They did pick up on the crane kick right away and want to do karate all the time now.


carrie said...

Oh don't even get me started here, I could go on forever. Be very careful when reenacting the crane kick scene at the end. Sara and I tried this once- she was Johnny and I was Daniel. When she went down on the ground grabbing her face, she ended up with a rug burn on her nose.

Oh and here's one
"She's beautiful (pronounced bootiful). Well I think she's beautiful.
pause - eat a french fry)

"She's hot. Definitely hot."

carrie said...

Shoot Leigh, you had to bring this up. Gotta watch it tonight.

D: Hey you gotta name?
A: Yeah, its Ali with an I.
Hey, what's your name?
D: Daniel...with an L.
A: Ha Ha. I'll see you later.
D: Definitely.

emily said...

Open your eyes my darling son, this is the garden of eden!

sara said...

Oh man, what a classic. I love the body bag one. We'll have to rent that to watch with the kids sometime, although I don't know if they'd get the 80's humor!

leigh said...

Just beware of the swearing. I had forgotten how much of it there is.

Todd said...

Must be take a worm for a walk week.

Jamie said...


wax on wax off

Melanie Whiting said...

Carl and I tryed to find the Karate Kid last weekend to view with our kids but we couldn't find it!! That is just a classic movie.

Karen said...

Thanks for setting the mood with that Karate Kid music. I watched it a few weeks ago. It's a classic. Soooo funny.

Casey said...

Well, obviously, there's
"Sweep the leg" and "Put him in a body bag Johnny". The movie changed the way I fought my brothers, no longer was it punch-on-the-arm, no, now it was, balance-on-one-leg-and-kick-the-face. Oh thank you Karate kid.

Amanda said...

I love how the music matches your blog. Regardless of the poll results I enjoy the music (I didn't vote) I remember loving Daniel and just thinking he was the absolute coolest. Then I watched the movie (maybe 4 years ago)and just cracked up at how uncool it is now.

leigh said...

friend 1: what does she see in him?
friend 2: I don't know, she must be into fungus.