21 February 2008


So Lacey tagged me a little while ago and so did Kristin. Here goes.

1. Answer the questions
2. Tag 3 others and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.


10 years ago . . .

Dan and I had just gotten engaged (the day after Valentine's Day). I had just graduated from BYU and was working at the tiny flower shop and Subway. Mostly planning my wedding.

5 things on my list of things to do today . . .

1. finish up a pair of pj pants (didn't fit, bad pattern).
2. big grocery shopping
3. plan a menu
4. cook steak for dinner
5. go to an applique class (yay!)

snacks I enjoy . . .

vegetables with ranch, crackers and cheese, hummus and pita from Aristo's, Nestle Crunch ice cream bars, I'm sure the list could go on.

3 bad habits . . .

1. letting the house get sooooooo messy because I'm busy doing more important things (projects) and then getting stressed out that the house is messy!
2. waiting 'til the last minute
3. being late a lot

5 places I've lived . . .

Dallas, TX
Phoenix, AZ
Spokane, WA
Pleasant Hill, CA
Provo, UT

5 jobs I've had . . .

file clerk at my dad's office
waitress at China Chef Cao
novice florist (at the mini florist shop - really only big enough for 2 people)
landscaper at Manito Park
piano teacher

5 things you don't know about me . . .

I don't like pancakes (unless they're banana pancakes or Swedish pancakes)
I brushed past Steve Young once in the Gap
I like to watch Beads, Baubles, and Jewels (even though Dan teases me mercilessly for it)
I LOVE Conan O'Brien (do not like Jay Leno one bit)
My favorite treat ever is chocolate covered marshmallows

What if I suddenly had a million dollars . . .

I'd pay off the house, add some to retirement, let Dan take off a few years to go to Law School, travel around a bit, hire a maid, and take all the art classes I've been dying to take.

I'm tagging Jan, Will, and Casey


Ashley said...

Maybe you could hire me as your maid leigh!! Not sure if i would be up for the challenge though... haha!!

Aaron said...

Sick! That applies to the chocolate covered marshmallows and the fact that I'm such an old geezer that I actually KNEW you ten years ago and we weren't in elementary school. I remember visiting you at Subway and giving you puppy dog eyes--and then you told me that people were getting in trouble and getting fired for giving free food to their friends. I don't think I visited you at Subway as much after that.