16 May 2008


I've been frustrated about my weight a lot lately. Luckily Jamie (sis) is all about nutrition and exercise and is always hearing about new things. She told me about this really cool (free) website called sparkpeople.com.

I signed up and it gave me a meal plan (complete with grocery list), goals to complete, calorie tracker, and exercise plan. Everything is flexible. So if I eat a different food or do a different exercise, I can just plug it in. It's pretty cool so far.

I'm hoping to fit into the next size down in jeans soon (since the 2 that I'm wearing now have holes in them and I don't want to buy a new pair until it's the next size down!)


Heidi Atkin said...

Leigh, diets suck. You know in other countries they call calories "energies". You need a lot of energies to take care of all those boys. Plus, I think when you buy new pants you should just choose a size up instead, then you don't have to worry about dieting.

Seriously though, good luck!

Karen said...

I feel the same. Thanks for the info.! When is Jamie going to start a blog?

alysha said...

can't wait to hear how it goes! I'm such a sucker for new diet plans.