14 May 2008


Here are two videos from the aquarium in Maui. These little things were so cool to watch.


Kate said...

Wowie. Those are gorgeous. I could sit and watch them for hours.

Melanie Whiting said...

You can install sitemeter on your page to see who and where people are looking from. I have it at the bottom of my page. I am torn about this too, but I have found people I would have never found through blogging. Like Joy Rowe! She found me and I comment and look at her page all the time. So for that reason I am willing to take the risk. I hate when people go private. But understand too. As far as the bragging thing, I figure who cares, it's their site and if they want to brag go ahead. I also think we need to be positive with our kids and husbands and the good things we are doing. There is too much negative!! Anyways sorry for the long post. Love the jellyfish!

Joy said...

hey-i would say what is new but I can read your blog. Why can't Dan give you a girl. I got my boy so now I am done. I am glad to see you stay busy with your projects. I always wanted to be like you and be so industrious. I will keep checking in.