06 May 2008


Since we rarely get to go to movies around here, we decided to go see one. Iron Man was pretty good. I wasn't sure I'd like Robert Downey Jr. but he was actually really great. I kind of like those comic books turned movies (even though I really know nothing about comics).

After that we thought we'd go check out the Maui Aquarium. I've been to some pretty crappy aquariums, but this one was really good. There was tons of information about all the tropical fish, the coral, how mollusks make shells, a really cool jellyfish tank (I'll add the video for it later), a huge shark tank, tortoise tanks, and lots of other cool stuff.

After that we checked out the only quilt shop in Maui (of course), where I found lots of really cool fabric.

And then for dinner we went to Ruth's Chris Steak House. Perfect as always. (And we were stuffed!)


emily and logan said...

oh, i love that little guy! what a cute little face! (the turtle.)

sara said...

Great pics and trip summary, even though it just makes the rest of us jealous :) I'm glad you guys got away; Aaron & I have a goal to do take a trip together every 5 years. Did you do any snorkeling? Maui looks just beautiful; it's amazing how much variety there is on one island. Kauai's the same way. I love that picture of the black sand. I need to show Aaron all of your pictures tonight; I'm sure your readers won't mind if you post a few more!