06 May 2008


Finally - we went to the beach Thursday. There was one across the street from our hotel, which I guess was okay - we really had nothing to compare it to. There were signs there that said to be careful because there was a dangerous current and also dangerous shorebreaks. (I wish I would have taken a picture of the shorebreak one, oops.)

Dan brought a boogie board that was in our closet and headed out into the water. I'm a bit paranoid of sharks, so I didn't go in very far. I was also a little paranoid that our stuff would get stolen, so I didn't want to stay in the water too long. (There were signs all over saying, "Don't leave valuables - thefts occur often.) So I was a little bored on the beach. I just don't really love sitting there, doing nothing, wearing practically nothing and feeling self-conscious about it (and worrying about skin cancer). I did bring a book, and that kept me entertained for a while.

Dan got a killer sunburn (even though I reminded him - as a good and annoying wife would - to put sunscreen on more than once.) We would have gone back to the beach a few more times if he didn't look like a lobster, but I didn't really care, so it was all good.

We found this sign on another beach.


polka dots said...

I am so jealous. One word: relaxing. Lucky you.

emily and logan said...

i would go off ranting about skin cancer but i'll wait and harass dan in person.

Ashley said...

yikes, i wouldn't be swimming at that beach!

Jeffrey E said...

And just think you could have come to Peru instead.

emily e said...

oh, i'm sure peru would have been MUCH better