03 June 2008


since i don't have a kitchen, i'm in need of some dinner ideas for the next little while. here's what i have to work with: a microwave, a grill, a griddle, that's pretty much it. (we do have the fridge sitting in the dining room). any and all ideas would be lovely! thanks.


Kate said...

Well you can do anything with a grill! Does it have a lid? Jamie even cooked a turkey on her grill for Thanksgiving.
Lately we've been grilling a lot because the oven heats up the house so much. My kids have learned to love grilled veggies (especially zucchini) along side a grilled chicken breast and fresh fruit salad. Are you guys meat eaters? We also have recently had grilled kabobs, flank steak, pork tenderloin, london broil, and pork chops. You can cook pizza on the grill too! I guess you will have to skip any pastas or homemade rolls, but you can have salads.
Any my last suggestion... take out! Good luck. Looks like quite an undertaking!

Heidi Atkin said...

I agree, the grill will probably be your most useful tool. You can always do baked potatos in the microwave. I really like crab cakes and they only require a frying pan (or griddle). Also, do you have a rice cooker or a crock pot? You can do lots in a crock pot and there are lots of variations on rice you could do in a cooker and you can always do steamed veggies in a rice cooker too.

I don't envy you. I remember when all we had was a microwave, toaster and fridge in our garage. That month really sucked! We ate a lot of take out.

We'll have to bring you dinner sometime before this mess is over.

emily and logan said...

one word: quesadilla.

Landon, Briett & Thatcher said...

Hey Leigh, the only thing I can think of is a microwave brownie recipe that I have...interested? I'll look it up for you.

Landon, Briett & Thatcher said...

Microwave Brownies
2 eggs
1C Sugar
1/2 t salt
1t vanilla
1/2C butter
3/4C flour
1/3C Cocoa

melt butter in microwave dish. In a small bowl mix the eggs, sugar, salt, & vanilla for one minute. Add melted butter and continue beating until mixed thoroughly. Add in the flour and cocoa at low speed. Spread evenly in a buttered 8-inch microwave safe dish.
Microwave on high 4 to 4 1/2 min, rotating dish half way if not self rotating. Done when top looks dry.

Really it's done if you watch the batter bubble up all the way through or across, then it's done.
It's pretty good you can eat them hot and gooey with ice cream or I like them when they are cooled and chewy.