02 June 2008

a new project and some cool finds

I know what you're thinking - you're thinking, I thought you just started a new project called THE KITCHEN! Are you crazy?

Well, yes I am, thanks for asking.

The hallway has looked like this since we've lived here (almost 4 years). We've always hated it.

I've been worried about fixing it because sanding it would mean getting tons of probable lead particles in the air for my children (or formerly pregnant me) to injest. We were about to hire someone else to do it when I discovered that it just peeled right off because it's right on top of the original wallpaper!

Which is where the find comes in. Here are parts of the original wallpaper.

I kind of feel like someone unearthing a dinosaur bone or early civilization pottery. I always wondered what the wallpaper here looked like. Most rooms have wallpaper in them (including all the ceilings except the kitchen and the bathroom). I thought this was a great find (I even think it's pretty cute.)


Jan said...

Your house is like Pompeii, Leigh! lol... cool!

sara said...

That's pretty. I have thought about that before too, like when painting over the ugly bedroom murals in this house before we moved in, will anyone ever see those horses and butterflies again, years in the future? Most likely not since it's paint covering paint. Fun find! Great project pictures!

Jamie said...

How great that you don't have to section off another part of the house to peel that paint off. Can't wait to see what the rest of the mysterious wallpaper looks like.