25 July 2008

another silly sleeper

we have several large-ish boxes from the cabinets (which we were planning to use to make a big castle or something, but don't have anyplace to make it) so the boys brought one upstairs the other day and had lots of fun with it. they jumped on it, they climbed into it, they threw it back and forth to each other, drew on it, poked holes in it, and when it was time to go to bed sam decided he should sleep in it. here's how we found him.

also - last night when i helped charlie to the bathroom (while he was asleep) i couldn't see his pillow or blankets or anything he slept with. jack told me (because he's a night owl and was still awake) that it was in a big box in one of the storage rooms. i didn't take a picture because i had to get crying charlie back in bed, but he had 3 or 4 blankets in it, his pillow, and 2 packs of pull-ups. everything you'd need for bed i guess.


katie said...

I love that the box is like Sam's new friend. Reminds me of something Sponge Bob would do.

Ashley said...

haha that is hilarious. What a precious picture! Oh the fun a box can be!