25 July 2008

silly guys

the other day while in the car dan was calling everyone "cookie-head jenkins" (if you know what movie this is from you are a long lost sibling of dan's). the kids thought it was hilarious and were getting giggly. sam - sitting in the way back - says (laughing), "it just keeps getting funnier and funnier every time you say it!"

the other day after my grandma's funeral jack turns to dan and says, "dad, when you pass away i want to get guitar hero so i can play it and then i can give it to my kids." what a wonderful family heirloom.


Kate said...

I love the thought of passing down guitar hero. That's so funny. Luke is such a cute little walker. When I posted the video of Paige right after you posted Luke's, I was almost going to title it "Not to be outdone by Luke..." But then I thought no one (except you and maybe Sara) would have any clue as to what I was referring to. ;)

sara said...

How very thoughtful of him.

StefandDoug said...

that made me laugh so hard! they are so funny.