24 July 2008


also at the funeral was my uncle jamie playing the bagpipes. he played a song (not sure which one) while they brought the casket from the car to the burial site and then these 2 songs while the casket was lowered. i'm not sure what the first song is but the second is amazing grace twice.

my grandpa was scotish and my mom and aunts always did highland dancing growing up. i'm not sure if any of the other uncles learned how to play the bagpipes but this uncle actually went on his mission to scotland (after already learning to play bagpipes). my grandma and grandpa also went on a mission to scotland in the early 80s and that's where my grandpa died.


mom said...

Jamie told me that the first melody he played is called something like "Flowers of the Field."

The two melodies Jamie is playing here in your clip is 1) a song called "Going Home." Was it originally written by Sibelius? Celtic Women sing this song on one of their CDs. The second melody he played is "Amazing Grace."

Also, when we were younger, Andrea and I danced the highland fling and practiced the sword dance. Jamie played the pipes and Kerry played the drums.

It is nice to see it on your blog.

sara said...

Bagpipes sound so nice. I recognize that first song from a movie; it's played at a funeral in the movie but an orchestra arrangement. So pretty. What a talent to have; thanks for sharing.