23 July 2008


i know it's a weird name, but that's what we've always called my grandma.

she was a gardener, a mother of 12 kids, a very hard worker, and a writer.

i didn't know her very well until i moved here a few years ago. she called every once in a while to check up on us and stopped by for 5 minute visits sometimes.

she lived for over 89 years. i'm glad she can be with my grandpa now who died in 1982.
photo taken by jonathan canlas


sara said...

That is such a great picture. Was she the piano player?

Jan said...

Who is Jonathan Canlas? That picture is amazing. I've never seen it. Where did you get it?

leigh said...

no, not the piano player.

jonathan canlas took the photos at mindy's wedding (where this is from) and he took our family photos and 2 of dan's sisters' weddings. he took the one of me on my profile.

Carl and Mel said...

Jonathan Canlas is in my sisters ward and his wife (Callie) is my sister Heather's best friend & in my bunco group! What a small world. I know he is a well known photographer who gets to travel the world! How lucky for you to have him! That picture really is outstanding!

StefandDoug said...

That picture is beautiful!

Peruchos said...

I love the picture! Quingie was such a great lady!