21 July 2008


we drove up to boston one day to visit nancy and ronan (nancy is my friend from high school). we hadn't seen each other in 11 years! it was so fun to stay at her place in the city, eat lobster and crab, walk around boston a bit, take the T, and eat some good samiches in the north end.

the view from one of Nancy and Ronan's windows (they had many lovely views)

a tree on Hahvud campus

Katie - are you still looking for a summer job?

Nancy pants and me (we look just the same as we did 17 year ago)

Samuel Adams' gravestone

not sure if this was Paul Revere's gravestone or a monument

is this not the best graffiti you've ever seen?

Nancy and Ronan's apartment building from one of the entrances


Carl and Mel said...

I love love Boston! So jealous you got to go!

Pants said...

We do look just the same! Our turn to visit you next, but I promise not to wait 11 years!

sara said...

Great pictures - fun trip!