04 July 2008

checking in

for those of you who are fans, you may be wondering what has happened to me lately. have i just given up entirely because of this ?$^%* kitchen project?

last week, just in the nick of time, i finished installing the cabinets. i wasn't really planning on doing this, but that's just what happened. my bro-in-law carl showed me how to do it the first two nights, but then had to work some overtime and couldn't make it over. dan helped some one night and my bro andy and cousin dan helped me another night. with the counter-top guy coming on monday, dan and i got the last 3 cabinets in just before then.

the countertops will take 2 weeks at which point they will be ready for installation. during this 2 weeks i will be taking a little break - from everything kitchen related. maybe reading a little, doing some sewing, playing with the kids, you know - my normal life.

unfortunately, i'm having trouble posting pictures right now, but when i get a chance i'll get some cabinets up for you!


sara said...

What kind of counters are you getting? Based on your two-week estimation it sounds like it's granite fabrication that you'll be waiting on? I'm excited for you!

emily said...

i love the mix. i open your blog everytime i'm on the internet just to hear your music :)

leigh said...

yup, the countertops are granite. I was going to take a picture and post it, but then I couldn't find the sample on the covered dining room table. soon, very soon.

Ashley said...

So can you please explain to me what the "?$^%* kitchen project" is???? Haha, sorry it is so frustrating! It will turn out great when it's all done... hopefully! =)