21 August 2008


well - it's 1:20 and the boys get in at 3:15 and the kitchen's NOT FINISHED! i really wanted to have it done before they got back. it's almost done and i did get a lot done while they were gone, but still. maybe i should just stop having expectations, or at least lower mine significantly and then when something works out, i'll be pleasantly surprised. that said, i expect to get the kitchen done soon, but i'm not putting a time limit on it this time.


Mark & Sarah Turpin said...

I am glad you liked our playlist. We really liked yours too!

Karen said...

I think lowering the expectation is a good idea. I know... I'm such a pessimist. I like to think of myself as a realist.

Looking at all the family pictures made my eyes water. It was so fun to see pics of Zack and family. What a fun week for you guys. I love the family pictures you posted. Miss you guys!

marta said...

just had to pop over here to your darling blog and say congrats; you've won my giveaway! visit my blog for details..