19 August 2008

hiking pics

these thistles were scattered along a trail in park city. we saw several of them with big fat bumble bees just resting in the top cushy part.

little luke wasn't crying, he just has teary eyes.

this huge tirantula was just walking on the same trail we were. i couldn't believe it and i wanted a good picture, but it was getting dark so i had to use a flash and i threw the cheerios in so you could see just how big he was.

i really liked the contrast of this bluish green with the red soil. (it was a little more contrasty in real life.)


Carl and Mel said...

I can't believe you saw that spider, I would have FREAKED OUT!! Nice of you to get a picture. I can't wait to see pictures of your kitchen. I am laughing that you did a vent. That is totally you! You are amazing with so many talents! I want to be like Leigh when I grow up :)

polka dots said...

love how you didn't scream and run from the scary spider, but instead threw some cheerios down and took a picture of it. you are no doubt the perfect Mom for 4 boys.

PS: that pic of Luke is sweet. It makes me want to take a nap.

Jan said...

Holy smokes! I didn't know that we really had tarantulas here!! How scary!

I love your picture of that purple flower, by the way. It looks like a scottish thistle. Is it?

Also, do you have a garden? I know you're an avid and educated green thumb but saw that you got new soil in front so I didn't know what your situation in the back was. I ask because I want to take b&w film pics of gardens for a class.

Jan said...

Oh! And while I'm on the subject of photos - do you have that lensbaby that I lent Katie? Did she leave it with you, by chance?

Angela said...

I love hiking too, Ditto. Although I hope I Never! Ever! see a spider like the one you did!!! As scared as I am of those terrible insects, Dan is more terrified We would be in trouble...Brad would probably have to rescue us off the mountain we would be so scared stiff.