11 August 2008

things we crammed into one week

Wednesday: we waited and waited for zach and steff (and fam) to get here from azerbaijan. (also waited for mom, dad, katie, andy and HIS FIANCEE ASHLEY! - pictures later, because i don't have any yet.) z and s brought along some azeri gifts for everyone. mine was a silk scarf made by a company named "rosa parks". mom's was this head thing she's wearing. i don't remember the name.

Thursday: found Luke stuck in the toilet (don't worry, it had been flushed and he did get a bath after.) we played pretty much all day with the cousins and got to hang out with Grammie for a little while. we also took Laura (dan's sis) to dinner for her birthday.

Friday: had the family reunion talent show. talents included cutting a piece of paper with scissors (grant - 2), playing and singing blackbird (andy), and dance moves (sam). received e family reunion shirts designed by andy. played and played some more with cousins.

Saturday: got the dishwasher and sink hooked up! (i haven't washed a load yet because i haven't had time to buy soap!) took family pictures (what hell with 12 kids - actually 11 of the kids were pretty good - it was hell with charlie). went to dan's fam (craig and tammy's) for dinner and cousins there.

Sunday: had the triple cousin baptism. Julia, Jack, and Katie were born within 2 months of each other. also moved the fridge upstairs (thanks to some strong men) and it didn't fit! i have to move the cabinet, which I am REALLY annoyed about. (in the photo katie's in the middle with carl, julia's on the right with zach)

Monday: IKEA and and an Imax movie and little Luke's first birthday party! we got pizzas and a costco cake and played a rousing game of baseball at the park (where i slid into home plate, wearing a skirt, only to get tagged out by jordan).

Tuesday: that just wasn't enough so today we're going to Lagoon. everyone's leaving tomorrow morning, so we have to pack it all in!

and i am exhausted just by doing this post!


Peruchos said...

How fun! It sounds like you guys had a blast! That's great about the baptisms, too! We totally would have come! Let us know next time, and your favorite cousins...hee hee:)...will be there! Jodi

sara said...

Wow. It's fun to see pictures of your family, all grown up. 12 kids huh? You E's are totally beating us B's.

Suz said...

That's awesome, Jack will always remember his baptism with his cousins.