05 August 2008


i've finished it now, i think it took 3 days. i think i'll give it 3.75 stars (out of 5).

things i didn't like: it took about 200 pages to get into; it was too wordy and pulpy and not really well written; it was a little predictable (but maybe part of that is what i've heard from others who've read it.)

things i liked: after 200 pages it started getting pretty intense; i started having all these questions about vampires and they kept getting answered (kind of fun); it was a pretty fast read, even though i was bored at first; i liked the idea of controlling your urges - even though it may be VERY difficult, it's still possible.

in short: i liked it more than i thought i would, but it's not my favorite book.

and thanks for all the previous comments - it was fun to see what you guys thought too.


Kate said...

I didn't love these books, but I still read the three last summer. And I am going to have to read the last one that just came out because I just have to know what happens. I was annoyed with the vampires and werewolves... but I still was completely drawn in and read them all in a very short period of time. I pretty much give it the same review as you. And now I'm going to comment on your previous post...

ang said...

Oh whew, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Will you read the others??

leigh said...

yeah - i think i'll read the others. you're funny.

ginny said...

These books are a major guilty pleasure for me, and I think that's okay. I read the first three within the space of a week last fall. Then I read a biography on Castro or the like to balance it out. Book two is the worst out of all of them in my opinion, so good luck surviving that. Am halfway through the latest and must say that it has some plot twists I did not expect.

Jan said...

Leigh!! I found more of your family photos :) I wasn't sure if you saw these already but thought I'd send you a link, anyway. I couldn't figure out why I saved this blog and I was looking thru it and I was like, "HEEYYY!!!"

(Sorry for posting this in a weird spot - I was too lazy to email it to you!)

jlj said...

i think the anti-twilight movement is kind of humorous....was there an anti-harry potter movement? it's YA fiction, it need not be Proust.

i didn't read them until a couple weeks ago. read the first on a sunday night...just read them fast and then you get into it fast enough.

i like parts of all of them, but i think the first is more captivating than the rest.

horray for summer mindless entertainment! i'm all for werewolves and vampires. :)

polka dots said...

It took me 200 pages to get into this book too. I couldn't put it down after that. Wouldn't read it again, but entertaining mindless read for sure!

Doug & Stef said...

I thought the first three were ok, and i thought like you, hey even I could write like this! But this last one was SOOO good and now I'm a twilight freak I'll admit it :)