14 October 2008

costumes part 2

Chicken Jack
Pea Pod Baby Sam
(better pictures of these two costumes are coming up in a later post - after I took a photography class)
Halloween 2002

Uncle Sam
unspecified Super Hero Jack
Halloween 2003

This jacket is like a little tuxedo jacket with long tails in the back and I never could find a hat in October. Should've started this one in July.

Jack just wanted to be "a superhero". He didn't care which one. It bugged me that people (men especially) wanted to know which superhero Jack was supposed to be. Just any old superhero. (He wouldn't let me call him Wonder Boy either).


Peruchos said...

I LOVE that picture of Sam! It looks like he has man boobs!:) How cute!

Jack makes a great superhero! What a picture! It's a classic!

sara said...

Just love those. Did you think of the rubber gloves for chicken feet? Perfect!

leigh said...

No, I didn't think of the feet or any of the costume. It was in one of the Martha Stewart Baby magazines when Jack was 1 or 2.

Doug & Stef said...

I can't believe you made all these? that's insane! they are too cute. oh that i had a sewing machine. on second thought, oh that i even had room for a sewing machine!