15 October 2008

costumes part 3

Cowboy Jack
Pea Pod Baby Charlie
Chicken Sam
Halloween 2004

Jack made all sorts of funny poses and faces on his own.

Little Charlie Chipmunk
Sam the Fish
Obi Wan Kenobi Jack
Halloween 2005

Little Charlie Chipmunk was a talker, Mercy me!
He chattered after breakfast and he chattered after tea.
He chattered to his father and he chattered to his mother.
He chattered to his sister and he chattered to his brother.
He chattered 'til his family was almost driven wild.
Oh little Charlie Chipmunk was a very tiresome child.


sara said...

I have always remembered that fish; so awesome. And the rest too!

KA said...

My own little Jack is going to be a cowboy this year b/c he loves his boots, and b/c it's an easy costume for this non-creative mother to put together! Your Halloween prowess, on the other hand, is delicious indeed.

Peruchos said...

Did you make all of those? I wish I had your talent! They are all so good!

Heidi said...

I'm impressed and excited to see what you've come up with this year!

Katie said...

Jack's faces are so funny. He really gets into character. I love little charlie chipmunk and the crying chicken. Reminds me of Jamie's crying halloween pictures.