16 October 2008

costumes part 4

Chicken Charlie

Sam the Fish (again)
Pirate Jack
Halloween 2006

Baby Luke the Skunk
Penguin Charlie (my sister Jamie made this costume)
Vampire Sam
Pirate Jack (again)
Halloween 2007


Katie said...

Luke looks so comfortable as a skunk. And Sam looks great with black hair.

Carl and Mel said...

Your Costumes are seriously awesome!! How much do you charge :)

Laurie said...

You are Sara's famous friend Leigh! Love the costumes, especially since they are BOY costumes. Great work.

sara said...

Great costumes AND great pictures from a photography standpoint; some of those could be in a magazine. Love them!

josieposie said...

Leigh, did I ever see a picture of the chicken prior to doing it myself? I hope you understand we got it from the same place (MS) and that I didn't rip you off! Cohen is at the age now where he could reuse the chicken I made for Ethan a few years back. The challenge will be finding it in the pile of storage at eric's grandmas house. Ugh. Love your others and can't wait to see if you decided on the robot.

Peruchos said...

I still can't get over how cute they are! I LOVE the skunk!