24 October 2008


I'm only blogging about this because since we've moved here from California we haven't had any luck finding a pumpkin patch. (There we had one right down the street from our apartment.) I was happy to find out about this one from Jan. (Guess whose is the green pumpkin.)


Peruchos said...

Those are the cutest pics! Charlie looks just like his personality in it...always having fun, and Luke looks so pensive. I love it!

Jan said...

Fun, Leigh!! I'm so glad that you went to that patch! I had a good time there. A few days after I went there, a vandal(s) came and smashed $1,000 worth of pumpkins. Very sad.

ginny said...

Thanks for the pumpkins as I've been waiting for a blog post from you that was relevant to my absolute favorite Halloween memory--one involving you, some rotting pumpkins, boys whose names I have forgotten, a Provo rooftop, and (most importantly) a major power line. I always get the giggles just thinking about it.