19 December 2008

gingerbread contest winner

Thanks Marianne for reminding me. Combined with the results from the facebook poll the winner is . . . me and Dan! Ours was the one with the red and green roof.
Jamie and Katie did the pink and brown one, which actually has a very cool roof (though not water tight because the shingles started from the bottom) and a lovely rock veneer wall ala 1972 made of skor bars.
Dad and Andy did the gumdrop one. It started out pretty bad, but then Dad fixed it all up while Andy watched TV. Plus the chimney is super cool (not to mention the gumdrop facade, which you all fell for.)
Mom and Emily did the purple and green one. Emily was a tiny bit of a perfectionist and wasted lots of candy scraping off and starting again. But they had a very lovely roof, a very cool chimney, and a very cool green m&m thing going on (I'm sorry I don't know the architectural house part name.)
I think we should do it again next year! Thanks Em for the idea.


Katie said...

Well, just as long as the house in the hood didn't win, I'm okay with the outcome. That was fun. We should definitely do it again next year.

Andrew said...

I think next year all of the teams should get picked out of a hat to avoid stacked teams...which was the downfall of this year's contest. I also believe that the houses should be made seperately to avoid criticism...definitely worth doing again though!