18 December 2008

peach pit jelly

I think you use 25 peach pits. Apparently you can also use the skins of the peaches. You just put them in a pan and cover with water 2 inches over the pits. Then you bring to a boil and continue to boil for 10 minutes or until water becomes red. Strain pits and skins and use the juice for jam. I just followed directions for peach jelly on my pectin instructions. The first time I made these they were an even prettier red on the top and gradated to orange on the bottom.

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Laurie said...

Never heard of peach pit jelly. Cool.

I was catching up and saw your freaky ornament exchange. Could there be any chance it's filled with bird food stuff to hang outside? I couldn't zoom in on the picture. Maybe it's just gross bark. So weird.