17 December 2008

neighbor gifts

I like doing neighbor gifts, but I don't do it every year, depending on the craziness factor. This year (and last year) I had the ingenious idea to make peach pit jelly (you steep the pits in water and get this lovely tasting peachy juice). I never got to it last year but I bought all the jars. So I did it the other day and it only made 6 cups! My list is a little larger than 6 so I need some more ideas. I was thinking cookies, since they're easy and the kids can help too. What are some of your neighbor gift ideas? I think the kids will like to get in on the packaging and giving too.

Gifts I've done in the past: my own salsa, my own shortbread cookies, and my own caramels.


sara said...

How many peach pits did you use? That color is so pretty.

I have done toffe, fudge, assorted fancy cookies in candy boxes (copied from Martha Stewart... this one was way too much work), and a few recent years we've done pistachios in little tin buckets. This year it's toffee, which I made 12 batches of!

Mel said...

Paper products wrapped up.

Disposable Christmas Cheer!

I made Caramels this year!

Peggy and Jeff said...

Caramel popcorn in clear plastic christmas stockings you can make from sheets of clear plastic you buy by the yard I think at the fabric store and sew up leaving the top open for filling with the popcorn mixture. The kids can help make the popcorn and decorate the bags with colored permanent markers etc. Thread pretty ribbon or christmas fabric to close up the top of the stockings.

Also have made good hot fudge sauce and put in jars(sorry I don't have the recipe with me)and give with a carton of peppermint ice cream for FHE.

Layered soup mix jars are also fun and fun for the kids to help make.

Chips and homemade salsa is always a treat and I also love your mom's ranch dressing mix which would be a fun gift since it isn't sweet and yu could make little packets up and give with a carton of sourcream to mix when needed and a bag of fun colored tortilla chips.

Can you tell I am hungry!!

ang said...

d'oh! neighbor gifts!!

Marianne & Clayton said...

I've done caramels a bunch, but they are a bit of a pain. Nothing is faster than toffee. I love the recipe from the Better Homes & Gardens book (red gingham) called Toffee Butter Crunch. We use Cadbury Bars for the chocolate part, much better than chocolate chips. Ya- the nativity things I was working on became way too much of a chore to do for neighbors, so I am also looking for something cool.

Liz said...

I want to be one of your neighbors!